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2018 State of IoT Security Infographic

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Companies still can’t detect if their IOT devices have been breached. The State of IOT Security report identifies consumers’ fears and companies inability to detect breaches. Is blockchain the answer? Share the key findings with this compelling infographic.

Infographic 2018-state-of-iot-security-infographic

Infographic Download (pdf) 2018 State of IoT Security - Infographic

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54% of consumers fear a lack of privacy with IoT devices


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62% of consumers believe the security of their IoT devices needs improving


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91% of companies who don’t use blockchain would consider using it


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97% of companies see a strong approach to IoT security as a key competitive differentiator


Key Stat 5 

54% of manufacturers or service providers increased their ioT security offerings for customers over the last year


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