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  • Gemalto Partners with AvaSys to Deliver High Speed Encryption for Integrated Healthcare System CCTV Data - Case Study

    Learn how Gemalto partnered with AvaSys to provide an Integrated Healthcare system of hospitals with a high speed encryption solution to protect their sensitive closed-circuit TV (CCTV) data, ensu...


  • Asia-Pacific Government Agency Chooses SafeNet High Speed Encryptors to Protect Real-Time CCTV Data Transmissions for BorderControl and Monitoring - Case Study

    Find out how Safenet High Speed Encryptors helped an Asia-Pacific government agency to protect their real-time closed-circuit television (CCTV) data transmissions for border control and monitoring usi...



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Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis - SAS - Case Study

Learn why Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis (ASZ) hospital relies on Gemalto authentication to secure access to sensitive hospital resources. After upgrading to Gemalto’s cloud-based SafeNet Authentication...

Farrer Park Hospital achieves online security with SafeNet authentication solution - Case Study

The hospital, which is looking to drive growth and to reduce operating expenses, needed a robust authentication solution to cater to the growing user base. In order to provide secure access to it r...

Egg Bank - ViewPIN+ - Case Study

The world’s largest online bank securely issues PINs online to save money, reduce fraud, and improve the customer experience with SafeNet’s award-winning ViewPIN+ Web-based PIN management platform.

Tutuka - Luna EFT, KeySecure - Case Study

With SafeNet Luna EFT Hardware Security modules and KeySecure, Tutuka is able to encrypt credit card data in Microsoft SQL database and implement a secure PIN generation and validation solution, as we...

Canadian Government - HSM - Case Study

The Internet has enabled Governments worldwide to move their processes online to offer citizens improved service levels and much more efficient use of tax dollars. Advances in communication technologi...

Arab Bank - eToken NG-OTP - Case Study

Learn why Arab Bank Ltd. selected Gemalto SafeNet OTP Token authenticators to secure access to sensitive resources. With the SafeNet OTP Token, they are able to secure physical and logical access f...

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