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Zertificon Solutions GmbH: Email with SafeNet

About Zertificon Solutions GmbH

Zertificon Solutions is a leading manufacturer of IT security software solutions located in Berlin, Germany.  They focus on safeguarding electronic business processes, server-based encryption and digital signatures. Their product portfolio also includes PKI-certificate management solutions as well as solutions for the secure transmission of e-mails and files in the business environment, including key, certificate and password management. Zertificon solutions are supplied to businesses large and small, including international corporations in diverse industry segments ranging from automotive, banking and insurance, to government, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Drawing on the robust German data-protection laws, Zertificon is able to guarantee that truly secure and reliable solutions are developed by its in-house research and development team. To increase this security level to its highest, Zertificon integrates SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide secure, tamper-proof storage for the cryptographic material needed to secure Zertificon Solutions’ email solutions.


Zertificon is a leading manufacturer of IT security solutions located in Berlin, Germany who provides security solutions to both small companies and international corporations from diverse industry segments, ranging from automotive, banking and insurance to government, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. SafeNet Luna SA HSM integrates into their platform to provide secure, tamper-proof storage for the cryptographic material needed to secure Zertificon Solutions’ email solutions.

Zertificon Solutions GmbH: Email with SafeNet

Alt-Moabit 91d
Berlin, D-10559
Main Phone: +49 (0)30 / 5900 300-0
Fax:+49 (0)30 / 5900 300-99

Integrated Application(s):

    Zertificon Solutions GmbH Z1 Appliance: Email with SafeNet Luna SA

    Zerticon‘s Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a mature and renowned solution for email encryption and signing. The encryption gateway protects and guarantees company-wide email and file transfer security, and protects email communication against industrial espionage through the use of encryption and digital signatures. Adherence to compliance and data protection laws is achievable without having to burden employees with extra security tasks or compliance processes. 

    Z1 appliances offer an optimized platform for the operation of all Z1 Server products. By providing encryption for email communications and file transfers, Zertificon Z1 products solve the data compliance and email security challenges that enterprises face on a daily basis. Automated policy based processes ensure that encryption, signing and signature verification occur without human involvement to both reduce management overhead and eliminate risks associated with privileged insiders. SafeNet’s Luna SA hardware security module integrates with the Z1 appliance to securely store encryption keys in a hardware appliance for both logical and physical protection.

    SafeNet Luna SA HSMs are robust, high-availability, and high-performance appliances that store cryptographic materials (e.g. certificates, encryption keys, etc.) in a secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper-proof hardware appliance. Storing these materials in a hardware appliance keeps them out of harm’s way and ensures that only authorized administrators have access to important encryption keys. With Luna SA as a security infrastructure’s trusted root, administrators can ensure the integrity of their cryptographic operations.

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