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Taigle: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

About Taigle

Taigle’s team of business and technology experts serves their clients, particularly Fortune 500 leaders, in media, broadband, mobile, pay TV, gaming, banking and healthcare sectors. Their team of consultants, engineers, and analysts develop and maintain mission-critical applications such as commerce platforms, payment processing, cloud computing, identity management and more. These applications are used across many industries such as healthcare, financial services and online media and entertainment markets, often operating within cloud environments. To bring additional digital security to the cloud and the applications used there, Taigle Secure Code Signing integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module, a secure digital signature solution.


With Taigle’s experts divided into industry specific teams, their professionals provide focus and knowledge when sharing cutting-edge technology expertise across many industries- healthcare, financial services, and online media and entertainment. To protect their applications and data in the cloud, Taigle integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module, which secures digital signatures.

Taigle: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

38 Executive Park, Suite 280
Irvine, California 92614
United States
North America
Main Phone: (877) 824-4531
Fax:(714) 464-5470

Integrated Application(s):

    Taigle Secure Code Signing: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Luna SA

    Taigle’s applications that operate in the cloud require an online cloud-based digital signing solution that automates and controls the entire signing process, eliminating the need for manual signatures. To protect and authenticate these signatures, Taigle’s Secure Code Signing works with SafeNet Luna SA HSM which secures digital signatures and keys. 

    SafeNet Luna SA HSM uses a unique approach to protect cryptographic (digital) keys, which in turn authenticate users and provide data protection. Luna SA key storage function uses a ‘keys-in-hardware’ approach that protects the entire key lifecycle within the FIPS 140-2 validated, tamper-proof appliance. This method ensures protection of the digital keys, which ensures the encrypted data and signatures are protected. 

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