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RS2 Software: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

About RS2 Software

RS2 Software is a global provider of high-performance and high-availability card management solutions for international and domestic banks, service providers, retailers, and financial organizations. With a presence in the market for over 20 years, RS2 Software’s product BankWORKS focuses on providing flexible card payment solutions. These payment transactions amount to billions of dollars per year that require the highest protective measures. To help accomplish this, RS2 Software partners with SafeNet Luna EFT Hardware Security Module (HSM) to secure card issuance and management processes.


RS2 Software’s BankWORKS is a comprehensive modular payment system used by some of the world’s most innovative and successful payments companies. RS2 customers use BankWORKS in order to provide flexible card payment solutions to their own clients. RS2 Software integrates with SafeNet Luna EFT (electronic funds transfer) HSM to enhance security for these card issuance and management solutions.

RS2 Software: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet

Transworks 1129, Northern Boulevard, Suite 303
Manhasset, New York 11030
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1 516 921 6130
Fax:1 305 318 2517

Integrated Application(s):

    RS2 Software BankWorks: Card Issuance and Management with SafeNet Luna EFT
    BankWORKS transaction processing software from RS2 is used around the world by millions of consumers to process millions of transactions, allowing them to pay quickly, smoothly and securely. BankWORKS handles payment processing from start to finish on the device from transaction acquisition to final settlement. RS2 incorporates SafeNet Luna EFT HSM into its BankWORKS environment to increase the security surrounding these transactions. SafeNet Luna EFT, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, is designed for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and payment system processing environments, providing powerful end-to-end security for online banking transactions and applications for credit, debit, and chip cards. Luna EFT encrypts data at the client’s browser and decrypts at the host, so the transaction remains secure from point of entry through processing and authentication.

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