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Certes Networks: Key Management with SafeNet

About Certes Networks

Since 2002, Certes Networks has been delivering dependable CryptoFlow VPN solutions for protecting sensitive data moving over any network. Policy enforcement and encryption provide complete control over data-in-motion in financial services, health care, government, utilities, telecommunications, education and many other industries.

Certes Networks integrates with SafeNet Luna PCI-E HSM (hardware management module) to provide users with a key management solution.


Certes Networks encrypts sensitive traffic being transported over data networks and TrustNet Manager™ is the web-based management platform that controls the Certes encryptors and encryption policy enforcement points. Certes Networks’ TrustNet Manager relies on SafeNet Luna PCI-E, a PCI-accelerator card in a hardware form factor that uses powerful encryption to protect and manage sensitive keys.

Certes Networks: Key Management with SafeNet

300 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 140
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108
United States
North America
Main Phone: 1.412.262.2571
Sales Toll Free: +1.888.833.1142

Integrated Application(s):

    Certes Networks TrustNet Manager-HSM: Key Management with Luna PCI-E
    TrustNet Manager™ is a web-based management platform that controls the Certes encryptors and encryption policy enforcement points and simplifies security management while preserving network performance and functionality. With its single interface, IT administrators can create encryption policies and manage keys across any network environment – LANs, WANs, Cloud, data centers, virtual environments, and the Internet. SafeNet Luna PCI Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a PCI accelerator card that integrates with TrustNet Manager-HSM to provide users with a dedicated hardware key management solution that protects sensitive cryptographic keys from attack.

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