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Ascertia: Digital Signatures and Time Stamping with SafeNet

About Ascertia

Ascertia focuses on delivering trusted PKI infrastructure services that make it easy for businesses to digitally sign documents and data as required in their workflows. Among their capabilities, Ascertia focuses on digital signature creation, verification and time stamping. When partnered with SafeNet’s Luna SA hardware security appliance, the Ascertia ADSS server application is able to provide a secure solution for managing digital signatures, time stamping, and encryption keys.


When digitally signing documents and data, a timestamp is issued by a trusted third party (TTP) acting as a Time Stamping Authority (TSA). The timestamp is used to prove the existence of certain data before a certain point (e.g. contracts, research data, medical records) without the possibility that the owner could alter or backdate the timestamps. Ascertia's ADSS application integrates with the SafeNet Luna SA HSM, a tamper-proof security hardware module, to guard the TSA signing keys.

Ascertia: Digital Signatures and Time Stamping with SafeNet

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