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VDI Security Solutions

Secure Access to Citrix & VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

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The growth in the use of virtualized environments—particularly Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, such as those provided by Citrix, VMware and AWS—alongside the deployment of multiple types of endpoints, such as thin clients and mobile devices, is challenging businesses to overcome the vulnerabilities of fixed passwords and implement a consistent authentication policy to secure access to all online corporate resources.

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You Can Easily Secure Access to Citrix Apps

On-Premises or in the Cloud

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Simple, Strong Authentication  for VDI Security

By effectively adding a layer of security in the form of strong two-factor authentication to protect critical corporate resources accessed via VDI solutions, Gemalto’s suite of SafeNet Authentication Solutions enable organizations to secure VDI access from any endpoint, while simplifying regulatory compliance, reducing IT administration overheads and mitigating the risk of data breaches arising from credential compromise.

Gemalto’s suite of SafeNet Authentication Solutions deliver secure access to virtualized desktop infrastructure: 

  • From any device, including thin clients, zero clients, and BYOD mobile devices 
  • To any VDI application, thanks to out-of-the-box integrations with Citrix, VMware, and AWS 
  • At any assurance level, via the broadest range of authentication methods and form factors
  • With on-premises or as-a-service delivery of strong authentication

Supporting any enterprise solution, be it VPN, Cloud, Web, local network or VDI,  SafeNet strong authentication management platforms  enable the enforcement of consistent user access controls from a single point of management, offering ease of use and ease of management for a lower TCO.

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To find out how SafeNet solutions can help your organization's VDI access initiatives, explore these strong authentication offerings:

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS)

Authentication Management

SafeNet Authentication Tokens & Smart Cards

SSO + MFA + Access Management

All in one platform

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VDI Security Resources

Citrix NetScaler Gateway and Gemalto SafeNet Authentication - Solution Brief Icon

Citrix NetScaler Gateway and Gemalto SafeNet Authentication - Solution Brief

Learn how NetScaler Gateway delivers better application security, data protection, and compliance management through centralized access control and powerful granular security policies that can be based on user identity, endpoint device, and more!

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Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security White Paper Icon

Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security White Paper

With all the demand for mobile usage in the enterprise environment, how are IT professionals addressing access and security concerns? Gemalto wanted to find out, and polled 900 IT decision makers from across the globe in July 2015. This report presents a summary of the survey results and what they mean for the future of mobility in the workplace.

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A4 Authentication for Mobile Employees eBook

Several challenges are holding back many organizations in the quest for increased mobility. Enterprises can follow a few important guidelines, as described in this eBook, to provide their employees with convenient, secure, scalable, compliant and cost effective mobility.

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Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security White Paper Icon

Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security White Paper

Companies need the means to implement consistent security processes and comply with regulations without increasing the burden on IT staff or inconveniencing their users. Read this paper to explore the trends driving the growth of VDI and more.

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Mobile Workforce Security Infographic - Icon

Mobile Workforce Security Infographic

Address IT administration challenges, the increased risk of being breached, compliance concerns, and other security issues that go hand-in-hand with employee mobility. Steer your enterprise towards the mobility freeway!

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Secure Employee Access Infographic - Icon

Secure Employee Access Infographic

A fragmented IT ecosystem hampers security and compliance. SafeNet provides 100s of out-of-the-box integrations for the cloud, VPNs, VDIs, WebPortals, and LANs, allowing IT administrators to apply consistent access controls to their entire ecosystem.

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