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Network Access Control Solutions

Combating Insider Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats

There is growing concern among IT professionals over the rise in corporate espionage and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that originate from unauthorized access to local corporate networks, as well as insider misuse.

Relying on static passwords to protect employees’ computers and privileged workstations against unauthorized network access puts your organization at risk from insider attacks and malware.  

Strong Authentication for Network Access Control

SafeNet authentication solutions offer IT teams a full range of options to secure local network access. These include a selection of PKI of certificate-based and one-time password (OTP) strong authentication methods that operate in off-line and connected mode.

    Deploying SafeNet Authentication Solutions for network access security offers IT teams:
  • A broad choice of hardware and software form factors, which enable addressing users’ different risk profiles and their required level of assurance
  • The ability to secure a broad range of operating systems
  • A single point of management for defining and enforcing user access controls on all on-premises, virtualized and cloud-based applications.

Network Access Control Diagram

Gemalto Network Access Control Solutions

Discover how Gemalto can help you protect your local network from unauthorized access with these strong authentication offerings.

SafeNet Authentication Service

SafeNet Authentication Service delivers fully automated strong authentication as-a-service from the cloud with flexible token options tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Keep your current infrastructure and deploy 2FA within 30 minutes.

Learn about SafeNet Authentication Service

Secure Cloud (SaaS) Access

When data and applications move to the cloud, user access - by default - takes place remotely. By extending enterprise identities to the cloud, organizations can easily secure access to cloud-based applications, such as Office 365, AWS and Salesforce.

Learn about Secure Cloud (SaaS) Access


Network Access Control Resources

SafeNet Network Logon Product Brief - Image

SafeNet Network Logon - Product Brief

SafeNet Network Logon supports Gemalto’s entire range of hardware and software OTP and certificate-based authenticators. It is fully integrated with SafeNet Authentication Manager, which provides IT administrators with a full suite of authentication management capabilities.

Read the Product Brief


Secure Remote Access for the Enterprise - Solution Brief - Image

Secure Remote Access for the Enterprise - Solution Brief

Gemalto authentication solutions provide a single point of management for defining and enforcing access controls across all cloud, on-premises and virtualized applications.

Read the Solution Brief


Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security White Paper - Image

Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security - White Paper

With all the demand for mobile usage in the enterprise environment, how are IT professionals addressing access and security concerns? Gemalto wanted to find out, and polled 900 IT decision makers from across the globe in July 2015. This report presents a summary of the survey results and what they mean for the future of mobility in the workplace.

Get the White Paper


A Survey of Strong Authentication Technologies White Paper - Image

A Survey of Strong Authentication Technologies - White Paper

Proof of authentication is rarely foolproof. This paper gives a detailed overview of different types of authentication methods and their underlying security mechanisms, and discusses how various methods are effective in mitigating different types of attacks.

Get the White Paper


A4 Authentication for Mobile Employees eBook - Image

A4 Authentication for Mobile Employees eBook - White Paper

Demand for greater employee mobility and flexibility is increasing across verticals. However, several challenges are holding back many organizations in the quest for increased mobility. Enterprises can follow a few important guidelines, as described in this eBook, to provide their employees with convenient, secure, scalable, compliant and cost effective mobility.

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PDO is a large corporation and we normally choose the highest solution on the list – something very secure and top of the line. If you look, you’ll see SafeWord at the top of that list, as well as SafeNet Authentication Service. So far it has been a successful implementation and we’re happy with our choice.
- Mr. Mohamed Maawali
Senior Engineer
Petroleum Development Oman

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