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Combat Industry Data Breaches

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Regardless of industry, breaches are inevitable. While some industry segments are more susceptible than others, given the nature of the data they process and store, hackers do not discriminate. There continues to be a rise in the number of incidents and records stolen year after year, from malicious insiders, to accidental lost, and state sponsored espionage.

Sensitive information resides everywhere- from the datacenter, in the cloud, and on devices. Perimeter security is no longer enough, comprehensive identity and data protection is a necessity, providing security to your devices, access control, and the protection of the data itself in order to protect what matters, where it matters.

SafeNet Identity and Data Protection Solutions by Industry:

Financial Data Security

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75% of banks feel that data breaches are the #1 security concern this year—with the averaged total cost of data breaches reaching $3.8 million for that industry. While the number of records stolen have decreased year over year, the number of breaches have increased.

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Healthcare Information Security

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Healthcare accounted for 19% of total records compromised in the Breach Level Index with 134 million records. In fact, according to a Ponemon Institute study, 89% of surveyed health care providers experienced a breach within the past 24 months, with an average cost of $2.2 million to mitigate.

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Retail Data Security

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The retail industry is one of the most heavily regulated as it comes to security standards with PCI DSS. While, this industry continues to see a decrease in the number of records stolen and the number of breaches, retail still accounts for 13% of total breaches.

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Government Data Security

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Whether state espionage or independent hackers, government organizations are a top target—holding the highest of classified information. Data protection is imperative for the safety of citizens, as well as national security.

Data Protection for Service Providers

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Scalable authentication and encryption as-a-Service solutions for increasing ARPU and reducing operational costs, all while simplifying operations and maintaining compliance.

Learn more about Data Protection for Cloud Service Providers

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2015 Data Breaches - Breach Level Index Report

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Healthcare Security – Secure Physician Access Case Study

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