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The Best Just Got Better: Our Interview with Philip Zhu, Senior Product Manager of Software Monetization at Gemalto 

Android’s dominance in the mobile market has got everyone talking. Its sizeable market share accounts for more than 80% of smartphones and 60% of tablets worldwide. But what does this mean for ISVs and, by extension, device manufacturers? We asked Senior Product Manager of Software Monetization at Gemalto, Philip Zhu, for his take on “Android Fever” and how it might be leveraged to everyone’s advantage. Read More...

Sentinel LDK!

Meet Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK) - a complete and comprehensive software monetization solution. Sentinel LDK uniquely pairs Sentinel license enforcement solutions with the Sentinel Entitlement Management System (EMS).

Sentinel HL

Hardware Protection. Redefined.

We are pleased to announce the new Sentinel HL family of keys which will be gradually phased-in to replace your existing Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock and Sentinel SuperPro hardware protection keys.

Sentinel HL


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 Sentinel Cloud Licensing   

An evolution in licensing! Sentinel Cloud 

 We are pleased to announce that Cloud licensing is now available with Sentinel LDK. Sentinel Cloud Licensing is the industry's first and only cloud licensing and entitlement management system for on premise and cloud-delivered applications. 

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Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS 4.0 Available Now!


Some of the highlights of this release include Support any Deployment Model (connected or on-premise), Usage Reports from the Cloud and Improved Extensibility and Flexibility of the System.

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